SMS Marketing for Restaurants and Retail Businesses

A Comprehensive Guide to Texting Diners and Buyers

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As a restaurant or retailer, it can feel overwhelming to try and execute all the marketing strategies that can help your business. You may try a combination of social, search, and email marketing activities, but research shows declining click-through rates for these tactics.1 


SMS marketing can provide better reach, engagement, and ROI than any other marketing tactic. And it’s easy to do and quick to implement. By using SMS marketing, restaurants and retailers have been able to improve the customer experience, prevent cart abandonment, turn first-time buyers into repeat customers, and re-engage buyers. 


Learn more about SMS marketing and how to get started with this guide, it covers: 

  • The benefits of SMS marketing
  • Best practices for texting customers, including examples
  • How to get your first campaign started

1 The CMO Survey. March 2023.