How to Get Started with SMS Marketing - Local Business Guide

How to start and scale your SMS marketing services

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As a local business, it can feel overwhelming to try and execute all the marketing strategies that

can help your business. You may try a combination of social, search, and email marketing activities, but research shows declining click-through rates for these tactics1 — it’s time for SMS marketing. 

SMS marketing is the fastest-growing marketing channel in the world.2 That’s because it can provide better reach, engagement, and ROI than any other marketing tactic. A marketing tactic that has a low-cost and broad reach is a no-brainer. As a business owner, it’s easy to do and quick to implement. Every business can find a place and purpose for SMS marketing.

Learn more about SMS marketing and how to get started with this guide, it covers: 

  • The benefits of SMS marketing — so you can get your clients on board
  • How to build an effective SMS marketing strategy
  • Best practices for texting customers, including industry-specific examples
  • How to get your clients’ first campaign started

1 The CMO Survey. March 2023.

2 State of Texting Report. Zipwhip. 2021.