SmartReply – AI-Generated Review Responses

Generate Faster & Better Review Responses


Replying to reviews is a small but essential part of managing an online reputation.

When researching a business, 89% of consumers read replies to reviews.1 According to consumers, businesses that respond to reviews are 1.7X more trustworthy than businesses that don't.2 Replying to reviews improves brand trust, which translates to more revenue. 

SmartReply uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze reviews and automatically generate a customized response so you can: 

  • Save time replying to reviews
  • Craft better responses
  • Improve review response time

SmartReply responses reference product descriptions or summaries and identify and match the sentiment to create an automated response that sounds human-like. But any SmartReply response generated is always editable, so you can ensure accuracy. Request a demo to try it today. 


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About GatherUp

GatherUp is one platform for local businesses to gather, listen to, and share customer feedback – from reviews to surveys to NPS scores and more. We integrate with top CRM, POS, and customer contact software to make gathering feedback before and after purchase personalized and automated. Once you gather feedback, you can filter, tag, sort, segment, and synthesize results for clear reporting and insights. And our platform focuses on getting you first-party reviews and data so you're able to market and share feedback compliantly. With GatherUp your customer feedback results in actionable insights that create a great customer experience.

1 G2, Customer Reviews Statistics, 2020.
2 Google/Ipsos Connect, Benefits of a Complete Google My Business Listing, 2016.